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Newbie Guide, Character creation 

These quick start guides will provide you step by step instructions for 
character creation in the realm of ZombieMUD. If you choose not to 
follow these please be aware that some guilds are absolutely not meant 
for newbies (it is not even possible to join all guilds as a newbie). 

Also note that it is very much recommended to read 'help newbie' 
thoroughly before getting started to have an better understanding of 
these guides. If you choose not to, make sure to read it right after you 
have created your character. 

Before you create your character, you must ask yourself... 

+ Do you fancy being a burly Fighter type?
  Choose RANGER, read 'help ranger quickstart' 

+ Do you wish to be a puppetmaster of sorts and control a horde? 
  Choose NECROMANCER, read 'help necro quickstart' 

+ Do you love the idea of manipulating raw Magic?
  Choose MAGE, read 'help mage quickstart' 

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