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Newbie Guide, Your character 

This chapter will familiarize you with your character. To view your 
character's attributes and other character information, type 'score'. 

The Character guide has been split into the following help files: 

'help surname': How to set your surname 

'help title': How to set a title 

'help plan': How to set your plan 

'help levels': Describes the level system of ZombieMUD 

'help attributes': Describes your character's attributes

'help gender': How gender affects your character

'help regeneration': How to replenish your health and spell points 

'help food': Eating and hunger 

'help experience': How to gain experience and where to use it 

'help inventory': How to examine and manage your inventory 

'help newbie handling': How to handle items 

'help equipment': Introduction to equipment and slots 

'help storing equpiment': How to store your requipment over reboots 

'help reincarnation': How to reset your character and start over without 
                      losing all your experience 

'help money': The money system 

Once you have read through this chapter, proceed to 'help combat'

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