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command: channels
arguments:      help    - Gives a short list of available actions.
                add     - Creates new communication channel
                          (example: 'channels add foobar')
                remove  - Destroys a channel.  You must be the creator
                          of that channel to be able to use this command.
                          (example: 'channels remove foobar')
                join    - Connects you to a channel.
                          (example: 'channels join foobar')
                leave   - Removes you from a channel.
                          (example: 'channels leave foobar')
                send    - Sends a message to channel.
                          (example: 'channels send foobar <your_message_here>')
                          Also can be used for channel emotes.
                          (example: 'channels send foobar *<your_emote_here>*'
                           or 'channels send foobar :smile' )
                topic   - Set the current topic for a channel.
                          (example: 'channels topic wiz Lets kill Leper')
                who     - Shows all listeners of a channel.
                          (example: 'channels who foobar')
                private - Makes a channel private (only invited players can
                          use the channel)
                          (example: 'channels private foobar')
                invite  - Invite a player to a private channel
                          (example: 'channels invite leper own') 
                list    - Lists all channels currently on the game.          
                colour  - Sets a colour for the messages on a 
                          specified channel.
                          (example: 'channels colour mud green) 
                          'tells' as channelname will set a colour 
                          for your tells.                     
                          (example: 'channels colour tells cyan')
                          'remove' as colour will remove the colour
                          setting for the channel.
                          (example: 'channels colour mud remove')
                          You can also list your colour settings:
                          (example: 'channels colour list')

NOTE! You can also send messages over channels using the format
      <channel name> <message>
      For example: 'mud Wow, these new help files are great!'

      on <channel>    ==  channels join <channel>
      off <channel>   ==  channels leave <channel>

NOTE! These commands are for temporary channels only. 
      For saveable channels, see help 'schan'.
See also 'last', and 'schan'.

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