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Chaining means starting a new spell or skill after the previous one has
finished. It is often done by triggers by players in MUDs, and it is allowed
in ZombieMUD. You can start a new skill or a spell from the message of the 
old one finishing. This doesn't mean you don't have to be present though,
all previous botting rules apply.

This can be done either by triggers, Zmud and Tinyfugue are the most well
known clients, or by the "chain" command here in zombie.

Chain command has several advantages over putting the same commands in
your client:

	+Your chains never lag, no matter what kind of lag you have.
	+Your chains are always with your char, no matter where you 
	 go, where as you might not have your client at some locations.

	+Making chains is pretty easy, and its a good thing to do before
	 getting a serious client.
Features of the ZombieMUD's chain-system:

	+You can chain any skill or spell with any other skill or spell.
	 Mixing skills and spells together is possible too.
	+Aliases are supported. Do not have the alias defined to anything 
	 when setting the chain, define the alias after it. (Otherwise
	 your command of defining actually turns out to be with the alias).
	+Upto 100 chains per player.
How to make new chains?

 To make a new chain, the syntax is: 
  chain <spell/skill>:<chained spell or skill>:<OPTIONAL arguments>.
 If you wish to start a new magic missile after your previous one finishes,
 simply type this:
  chain magic missile:magic missile
 If you wish to cast cure light wounds at yourself, after each cure light
 wound, you need to specify a target. Targets and cast speeds are given
 as optional arguments:
  chain cure light wounds:cure light wounds:me
How to remove chains?

 Simply type: chain remove <spell/skill>.
 The spell or skill which you enter is the one the chain STARTS from, 
 not the one it chains to.
How to see what I have defined?

 Simply type: chain list
How to clear all my chains at once?

 Simply type: chain remove ALL
 Note: if you do this, they're all gone then. Caution is advised.

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