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Castles on ZombieMUD are a permanant way to store your equipment. 
This is not to say that your eq will always be safe, as castle 
raiding by lawless players can occur, but rather that the walls 
of the castle themselves will always stand.

If you wish to build your own castle, head eastwards out of 
ZombieCity towards the Castle Area.  Here you will find the catapult
and Castle Shops. 

You must be at least level 17 in order to enter the 'castle area' 
and you must have a minimum worth of at least 1m (1,000,000) exp 
in order to enter castles at all.

There are several steps involved in construction, each costing a 
varying amount of gold.  The basic process is that you search out 
a vacant plot of land within the Castle Area, then return to the 
Shops to purchase that 'slot' of land.  Once you have done that, 
you then must pay for the bulding of the 'castle' itself. In general,
these two beginning steps will cost anywhere between 400 and 500k 
gold.  It is a good idea to make use of the 'estimate' command here, 
for those players on a tight budget.

Once your castle is built, you will wish to invest in castle guards,
as well as extra rooms to store your chests in.  Bulletin boards,
healing items, and chests can all be purchased in this small area
to help personalize your castle.

NOTE: For a list of commands you may use within your castle, simply
go there and type 'castle help'.

See also 'chest', 'storing eq', 'castle raiding', 'outworld castles'.

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