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Help Castle Raiding

Castle raiding is performed by villains who do not respect the rules of a
civilized society.  Therefore it is not only the right of a player to defend
the public interest but almost their duty to do so by punishing raiders and their
associates who in any way assist them.  A successful castle raid is treated as
an extremely serious offense under the player wars guidelines, with two twists:

(1) any member of the public who was not a member of the raiding
party may take vengeance against the raider (subect to the guidelines in
the player wars help); and 

(2) while the rules regarding expiration of pk reasons remain in effect for
members of the general public, castle residents who lost gear will have a valid
reason in perpetuity, unless the raider makes compensation.

If the raid fails and no damage is caused, only the residents of the castle
are allowed to make retribution for the (harmless) attempt, and this reason
is valid for up to six months, following the expiration guidelines of the
player wars help file.

see also 'player wars', 'extortion', 'rules'.

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