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Command: calc
Arguments: Mathematical expression

This commands tries to calculate a given 4-function mathematical
expression, with a reasonable chance at arriving at the correct answer.

Also interpets often-used mathematical and physical constants 
as it's scientific value.  All units are in standard mks
unless otherwise noted.


> calc 1+1
Answer: 2

> calc (5*-2) + 6 - 22 * (1-1) + 5
Answer: 1

> calc 1 / (4 * pi * e0) * 10 / 1
Answer: 9.1822e+10

Recognized constants:
e:     Mathematical value e (2.718...)
pi:    Pi.  
N:     Avogadro's Value (6.02e23)
R:     Universal Gas Constant (8.315 J/mol*K)
e0:    Permittivity of Free Space 
c:     Speed of light (m/s)
m0:    Permiability of free space
me:    Mass of an electron (kg)
qe:    Charge of an Electron (C)
mp:    Mass of a proton (kg)
k:     Boltzman Constant (J/K)
g:     Acceleration of Gravity (m/s^2)
G:     Gravitational Constant
hbar:  Planck's constant

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