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Help Botting

     It is illegal, it is considered cheating, and if caught doing it the
consequences aren't good.  Triggers that help you to play are just fine, as
long as you are there to watch and control your character. However this does
not mean that you are allowed to use robot as long as you are there to 'watch'
and chat while your character keeps on playing. There is a fine line between
robotting and using triggers to help playing and if you cross that line you
can be removed/banished for no reason at all. We will not tolerate botting.
If have doubts about your triggers, ask some archwizard.

 Anyone caught botting can be removed/banished with no reason at all.  Bottom
line, don't bot!
 Here is a list of SOME things that constitute a illegal robot even if you are
 there to watch:

1. Your triggers move your character automatically between rooms to search
   for monsters to kill, etc. Using macros to move or start combat is not
   illegal as long as you are pressing at least one button to initiate
   movement, and at least one more button to initiate combat. These actions
   become illegal only when automated to trigger in response to certain text.

2. Using triggers to follow some player ( pkill's follow triggers ).

3. Initiating combat, skill usage or spell casting with a trigger set to
   launch from any message received. The only exception is that you can
   set a trigger to start a new skill or spell as the previous one is
   finished.  This is allowed even if it targets a new monster in the
   same room.  It is illegal, however, to use a trigger that initiates
   combat upon the death of a monster.

4. Making your client send commands to keep your character unidle, while
   you are not present at the computer. Use 'set keepalive' instead.

5. Generally any sort of triggers that make major gameplay decisions without
   your direct influence and commands.

6. Automating responses to period "bot checks" is, needless to say, illegal.

 REMEMBER! Triggers are there to help you to play, not do the playing for you.

As a general note, if you have triggers / scripts to do things for you
while you are not there, most likely it is illegal.  This includes taking
advantage of your environment. IE Aggressive monsters.  If you idle in a room
with aggressive monsters, knowingly that they will reset, and you will kill
them as they reset, this is illegal and is considered botting.

Exception: Chest picking with bots is allowed. You don't have to be present

Exception to the exception: You cannot pick an empty chest or a chest that
belongs to you just to keep your character unidle. This is considered a
violation of Rule 4.

Penalties For Botting XP
First offense:   30-90 days ban and up to 25% of total worth removed.
Second offense:  90-180 days ban and up to 50% of total worth removed.
Third offense:   Complete rm of character and any of character's property.

Total Xploss and Bantime are up to the archwizard who bans you.  There will
be no exceptions to the rules above, bot xp at your own risk.

See also 'rules'.

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