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Help Bloodbath

Blood bath is an event.  While it's on players are allowed to kill
other player and gain points doing it.  When run, all players are
automatically entered in the event, so just enjoy the killing spree
when it begins.

The winner of the event is the one who earns the highest score by
killing other players, and not dying in the process.

Every player will be given a blood bath scroll which has some useful 
commands for the event. The summon command in the scroll can be used 
to summon unidle players who are hiding in a no_kill room or in a
castle, so beware, there is no escape from the bloodshed to come.

If you get killed during the blood bath you won't loose anything, so 
don't worry.  You also will not be punished with a PK flag for killing
people during the event.  After the blood bath is over every player 
will automatically be revived. If you were link dead at this point,
you will get a full revive the next time you pray.

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