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Newbie Guide, Basics 

This chapter will familiarize you with the basics and the user interface 
(UI) of ZombieMUD. 

Please note that the world of ZombieMUD is massive, and so are its 
features. The purpose of this guide is to give you the very basics you 
need without going too much in depth too soon. 

Do not expect to fully learn the game within the first day, week, or 
month. It will take a lot more than this. Having said that, the game is 
very much playable with what you will learn from this guide. Deeper 
knowledge will accumulate in time. 

The Basics chapter is split into the following help files: 


'help newbie set': This command is used to change common settings in
                   the game, such as colors, time zone, auto loot,
                   email, etc. 

'password': Without a password, your character will not be saved. 
            To set your password, type 'password'.

'help world': Describes the world of ZombieMUD 

'help looking around': How to examine your surroundings 

'help movement': How to move in the world 

'help talking': How to talk to other players 

'help interaction': Interacting with the world 

'help getting help': How to get more help 

'help rules': The rules of ZombieMUD


Once you have read through this chapter, proceed to 'help newbie races' 

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