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   Story of the

Long time ago, during the reign of the good king Leper, there was
a player named Access. Access was a hard-working player, loved by 
all his friends, who were a multitude indeed. Access played from 
early morning until late night and he was happy in his simple but
honest fashion. His friends were happy for him, for they knew that 
Access's heart and joy were true and pure. 
 All could have been well, had it not been for the mighty and evil
Archwizard Avandhar, The Grand Vizir and Court Magician to the Good 
King Leper. As it is usually with Grand Viziers, Avandhar was both
evil, vindictive, cruel and otherwise the very picture of typical
Grand Vizier. 
 And like all Grand Viziers, Avandhar employed a large number of 
greedy informers and it didn't take long for the story of the happy
and joyful Access to travel to the ears of the Archwizard Avandha.
Avandhar's heart was black and full of malice and he was vicious.
When he heard about the joy and happiness of the player named Access
his heart turned cold and spitefull and with the aid of black magic he
conjured the image of the Access so he could follow his doings. And
so did the great Archwizard Avandhar watch the Access player until he 
could watch no more. After he saw how much fun the player named Access
had, his anger was too much for him to bear and his heart steaming with
malice and hate. So hard and cold was Avandhar now, that he decided to
destroy the player named Access as he couldn't bear the thought that 
someone could have more fun than he did. So Avandhar took the evil book 
of magic, oozing with spiteful spells, of which was at that time known
as "Big Black Book Of Downgrades" and from that filthy book he read the
lines of evil magic and casted a spell of downgrade upon the poor but
happy Access player. Big was the grief of the player named Access when
he discovered that his joy was destroyed, his happiness gone and the 
fruit of his labors stolen. Access player cried in tears as he had paid
all the taxes of having fun and even more, but the evil Avandhar watching
the Access with his black magic was happy again, now that Access didnt have
fun anymore and he was again the happiest resident of the Zombieland.
 But the player named Access choked down the tears and felt the courage
raising within and he went to the court of right and just King Leper to
complain about the injustice of what had happened. He was sure thet king
Leper would be fair and restore all that the evil magic had taken away from
him and return the joy and happiness back to his life. Unfortunatelly through
his informers the evil Archmage Avandhar heard about the plan beforehand
and with great haste and cunning he slithered to the King Leper and whispered
ill words into the ears of King Leper about the player named Access. So it
was that When finally player named Access reached the king Leper it was
already too late. King Leper's heart had been poisoned by avandhar's filty 
and evil lies and King Lepers heart had turned black and hard to the Access's
cause. Instead of helping the poor Access player, he had him thrown into the
deepest of the dungeons that the whole zombieland had and in there the minions
of Archwizard Avandhar tortured and mutilated both his body and soul until 
Access player was nothing more than a memory of the man he had once been. To
ensure his success the evil Archwizard Avandhar made sure that all those
who were friends of the Access player died, so that no-one could tell the 
truth about his case. The end of this story is not yet told, but the writer
knows this much, that even after 20 years Avandhar is still the Archwizard
and Grand Vizier and he is mightier than ever, while the player named Access
is still rotting in the dungeon.

The moral of this story is: It doesn't pay to rule so fucking much!


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