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Newbie Guide: Help Armageddon

Armageddon the Game Crasher arrives every 24 hours to the
front steps of the Church of All Gods to bring our world
to an end. From his initial appearance, he will begin to
shout of the world's demise for 25 minutes. At the end of
this time, the game will fully shutdown and undergo reboot.
This generally only takes a few minutes, and ZombieMUD will
return anew, with all monsters, quests, and other aspects
of the game fully resetted.

During Armageddon's shout sequence, he offers free transport
to several locations. Simply 'tell armageddon cs' to be
zipped directly to ZombieCity. The options 'church', 'rent',
and 'castle' are also valid.

Be sure to safely store your eq over reboot, as anything
worn will be donated to Armageddon himself, who has gathered
quite a few impressive sets of equipment over the years!

Sell also 'reboot', 'storing eq'.

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