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A system of apprenticeship exists within ZombieMUD. The purpose of this system
is to give a plausible reason for highbies and midbies to party with newbies
and lowbies more often than they otherwise would, for the benefit of both the
highbies or midbies, and the newbies and lowbies. 

Here is the basics of how the system works:

 Each player can only be the Master or Apprentice of one other person. If
 you are either one of the two, you can not bond with anyone else.

 The bond, as long as in effect, gives both the Apprentice and the Master a
 good bonus in exp as long as they are in party together and really partying
 with one another. The amount of the bonus depends on their difference in
 levels. Larger difference means a larger bonus.

 The apprentice is awarded a title in his or her finger information, and the
 level and style of the title depends on the alignment of the Master and the
 Apprentice, and on how successfully the Apprentice has grown under the care
 of the Master. There is a slight bonus for reaching the highest rank.

 The minimum level to be anyone's apprentice is 25. Before you can be of any
 use to a larger player, you must learn the basics of the MUD.

 In order to create the bond, both parties must meet at the Temple of All
 Gods, and the person applying for apprenticeship should 'petition kalidan
 for apprenticeship under <master's name>' to gain this right.
 The bond between the Master and the Apprentice saves over reboots and
 other such events, and will only break for any of the four possible
  1) The Apprentice grows up to be more than half the level of the Master
     AND larger than Master's level minus 40. Meeting one of these two 
     conditions is enough. If the Master is either 40 levels larger, OR
     two times larger, the apprenticeship can continue. The moment this
     difference is determined, is when the two party, and when the Master
     has no safe experience on him (ie. he is not reincing).
     EXAMPLES: level 90 Master could have a level 50 Apprentice (90-40),
               and level 60 Master could have a level 30 Apprentice (60/2).
  2) The Apprentice grows up to be level 61 or above. No one over 60 levels
     can act as an Apprentice.
  3) The Apprentice decides that the Master is not teaching him properly,
     and 'asks' father Kalidan in the Church of All Gods for a new Master.
  4) The Master 'admits' failure as a Master and pays the proper tribute to
     appeace the Gods of his mistakes. 
During the time of Auld Lang Syne (24th - 31st of December) the bonus the
Apprentice and Master gain by playing is much larger. Additionally, no 
tribute is necessary for the Masters who admit failure during that time.

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