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Some ZombieMUD content employs limited use of ASCII animation (at a
glorious .5 FPS). Because these animations are rendered in ASCII, they
are best experienced in clients that use fixed-width characters
(e.g. Courier or Courier New), a screen width of at least 80 characters
(same for most MUD content), and a screen height of at least 35 lines.

The screen height and width of most clients can be adjusted simply
by resizing windows, provided you are using a fixed width font of
static size.

Animations have been verified to be compatible with the following


* Disable the /more setting to make animations display properly in
TF. The syntax is '/more off'

** MUSHClient requires some settings adjustments to support Zombie's
animation features.  Suggested method:

- Maximize ZombieMUD window within MUSHClient (optional/recommended)
- Open "World Properties" menu and select "Appearance/Output" tab
- Click "Negotiate About Window Size." This reports your screen
  height and width to the MUD so that animations display properly.
- Click "Adjust width to size" in lower left corner (optional/recommended)
- Save settings and close settings menu
- Quit and re-enter the game (closing out of MUSHClient is not
  necessary) so that ZombieMUD registers your character's screen
  width and height properly

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