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Command:  allinfo
Usage:    allinfo [lines] [-][regexp]

          Without arguments this command will show the entire
          history of the 'info' channel.

[lines]   Specifies the number of most recent messages to be shown.

[regexp]  Shows the messages that match with the regular expression.

-[regexp] Shows the messages that do not match with the regular

allinfo 20 Dranil       Shows the last 20 messages sent by Dranil.
allinfo -Dranil         Shows all messages sent by someone else
                        than Dranil.
allinfo 10 Dranil|Waaar Shows the last 10 messages sent by either
                        Dranil or Waaar.
allinfo 5 (10%)         Shows the last 5 messages that contain
                        the string "10%".

See also 'regexp'.

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