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command: alias
argument: (optional) an existing alias, or <alias> <definition>

Executing the alias command with an already existing alias as a parameter
will remove that alias.  Using it with <alias> <definition> will create a new
alias for <alias> which is defined as <definition>.  Using the alias command
with no parameters will list your currently defined aliases.

How aliases work:
  Aliases replace words in arguments to commands.  For example, if you alias
  x to y when you type shout x you will shout y instead.  This does not mean
  if you alias la to look at you will execute look at when typing la, use
  "command" for this function.

To remove a single alias simply type alias <alias to be removed>.
  IE: To remove an alias called 'z', type 'alias z'. 

To remove all aliases at once, use unalias.

See also 'command', 'unalias', 'chain'.

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