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Command:   aide
Arguments: join, leave, status, short, say <message>, snoop, locations, 
           kills, invite <name>, kick <name>

Aide commands functions as follows:

  aide join       = join a party as an aide that you've been invited to
  aide leave      = leave a party as an aide
  aide status     = show status of the party you're aiding
  aide short      = shorter version of 'aide status'
  aide say x      = say x over the party channel
  aide snoop x    = shows a view from player x's environment
  aide locations  = shows all party members' locations
  aide kills      = shows a list of recently killed monsters
* aide invite x   = invite an aide to your party
* aide kick x     = kick an aide out of your party
* denotes commands only available to the party's commander (or the leader if
  commander is absent)

Aides are also included in party dices.

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