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Help Advancing, Newbie Guide.

Developing your character from a tiny level 1 newbie to a worthy
adventurer is a great deal of work, and a lot of fun too.  Here
is a small list of things to do in order to better your player:

  -You may advance Adventure levels by going to the 'adv-guild' 
  	in ZombieCity and typing 'advance'.
  -You may advance Guild levels by going to your guildhall and 
  	typing 'advance'. For sub levels, you must have completed 
  	45 levels in the guild, and then go to the sub, 'join', 
  	and later 'advance'.
Skills and Spells:
  -Go to your chose guild and type 'list skills' and 'list spells'.
  	From the data shown, you may 'train' those skills and
  	'study' those spells up to the maximum percents listed.
  -Remember, upping your level in the Guild will also grant you
  	higher percents and perhaps even the opportunity to study
  	new spells/skills.
  -Early Adventure levels and Every Guild level you gain will
  	grant you some bonus to your stats.
  -Upping your stats in the stat room is a very costly business, 
  	so it's best left until you are of a high enough level 
  	not to need this guide. :)
Explore Percent:
  -This one is easy, just get out there and explore! Every unmapped
  	room you wander through will grant you a new room as well
  	as a little exp.
See also 'levels', 'spells', 'skills', 'stats', 'newbie'.

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