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Newbie Guide, Advanced - Equipment 

Binding equipment:

  If you kill a monster that has an wornable or wieldable item, you can 
  bind to yourself to somewhat increase whatever bonuses it might provide. 
  Binding can be done by a member of the Sorcerers guild. You must have 
  participated in the killing of the monster or NPC that carried the item 
  in order to bind it. 

  Note that equipment bound to you will lose their glow extremely fast 
  when used by someone else than you. Others will also not receive the 
  bonuses as the item is not bound to them. An item can only be bound 

  Bound items can not be unbound. 

Item glow and decay:

  If you are able to see magical auras, you might notice that items have a 
  specific glow. The brighter the glow, the newer the item. 

  When an item goes dull, i.e. loses it's glow, it will start to lose 
  whatever bonuses and stats it has, eventually reaching a state where it 
  is unusable. 

  How fast an item loses its glow is called decay rate. Some items decay 
  extremely slowly, some extremely fast. Majority of items fall in between 
  these two extremes. 

  An item loses glow when it is not inside a closed chest or locker. I.e., 
  when you are offline your items do not decay, only actual game play 

This concludes the Advanced topics section as well as the whole Newbie 
Guide. If you have not already done so, proceed to 'help character 

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